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2009-09-14 New tab

La Javanaise - Serge Gainsbourg (Pauline Croze's version)

2009-07-25 New tab

My mistakes were made for you (The Last Shadow Puppets)

2009-02-03 new tab

15 step (Radiohead)

2009-02-01 New guitar tab

New tab : Roads (Portishead).

2009-01-31 Ukulele tablature

New Ukulele tab : Losing my religion (REM)

2009-01-29 Ukulele Tab

New : Here's the ukulele tab of Death Song (Dionysos)

2009-01-26 New tab

New tab : The Doors - People are strange

2007-12-10 New tab

Go slowly tab from "in rainbow" (the new album of Radiohead) is online

2007-04-06 New tab

Pierrot (Loïc Lantoine)

2006-09-06 Piano score

Here's the piano score (guitar pro file) of Analyse - Thom Yorke

2006-09-03 New tab

-M- Mama Sam
Thanks to Ronan.

2006-05-06 New tab

New tablature : Desire (U2)

2006-03-12 New tab

Messieurs dames (Merzhin) transcribed by Etienne.

2006-03-08 New tab

New tablature added : Ma grand-mère (Mickey 3D)

2006-02-28 New tablature

New tab: Again (Archive)

2006-02-25 New tablature

New tab: the solo of Hotel California (The Eagles)

2006-02-19 New tab

New tablature added : Three imaginary boys (The Cure)

2006-02-14 New tab

New tablature : Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)

2006-02-06 is opened

Today is the opening of, the english version of
Welcome to the english-speaking people!!