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    The purpose of this site is to give you guitar tabs and to teach you how to play them.

    The tabs you will find here are not supposed to be exact transcriptions of the original tunes, since I decided to add a few of my personal hints. The difference between this site and the other ones is that the tabs here are described very closely. Besides, you will be able to listen to the audio (mp3) clip of each guitar riff as I play it.

    My final purpose would be to grow a federative site where everyone could post partitions of different instruments (drums, bass, ...) and also, why not, reviews about music equipment (amps, guitar effects, ...). If you're interested, contact me, I'd be glad to publish anything of interest (of course with audio clips !!).


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La Javanaise - Serge Gainsbourg (Pauline Croze's version)
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My mistakes were made for you (The Last Shadow Puppets)
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15 step (Radiohead)
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